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Taos is an eclectic town filled with many local businesses, including bars and restaurants. The Taos Mesa Brewery is no exception to the unique flare that this town encompasses. If you’re a music lover or craft beer enthusiast, the Mothership on the Taos Mesa should be on your list of things to do when in town.

Taos Mesa Brewery

The Mothership on the Mesa

The “Mothership,” as the mesa location is called, opened in 2012. It’s built into an old airplane hangar and boasts multiple metal art sculptures and other artistic ornaments throughout the property. Taos is a very art-centric town, and the brewery has fully encompassed the lifestyle of its locals, including their commitment to sourcing quality, locally sourced ingredients for their food and beers.

Inside the Taos Mesa Brewery Mothership

Inside the brewery you’ll notice a stage to the left, as well as a small amphitheater outside. Live music is fairly common in the evenings, ranging from all kinds of genres. There are covers at times to enter the brewery during musical acts. However, the fees are usually pretty reasonable, and only apply during showtimes.

Let’s Talk About Beers

I’ve bartended in the past, but I would in no way shape or form consider myself a professional beer taste tester or snob. However, Taos Mesa Brewery does serve some darn good suds that are brewed right in house at the Mothership.

Flight of Beers at Taos Mesa Brewery

TMB always has 16 draught beers on tap, 12 of which are always brewed in house. Not sure which beer you’ll enjoy? You can get a 5oz taster for $2, or an entire flight of six individual Tasters.  My personal TMB favorites are the Amarillo Rojo, Koenig Lager, and the Black Widow Porter.

If you’re a fan of Red Ales or American Ambers, the Amarillo Rojo will be right up your alley. It’s rich and full of that caramel malty goodness that’s typical of a red ale. Need something light and easy to drink? The Koenig Lager is just that. It’s a perfect beer for those who aren’t quite into the craft beer scene, and/or aren’t used to a ton of flavor, hops, or feeling ridiculously full off of one beer. If you love porters and other dark beers like stouts, the Black Widow is going to be a good choice for you. If you’re feeling froggy, try out the Taos Mesa Great Scot Scottish Ale. It’s fairly similar to the Black Widow, but has less bite in the aftertaste. Like I said, I’m no beer snob, I just know tasty suds when they hit my buds. 

Not into beers? They usually have some locally sourced ciders on tap as well, such as Tractor Brewing from nearby Albuquerque, New Mexico. And of course, there’s sodas and water available for your non-alcoholic needs.

The Food

The Mothership’s menu is far smaller and less complex than the Tap Room located in Taos proper. However, it’s still a great spot to grab a drink and enjoy the views of the Taos Mountains from the patio. 

Conspiracy Burger at Taos Mesa Brewery

The Conspiracy Burger is a popular menu item, since it’s smothered with traditional New Mexico green chiles. For vegetarians, there’s multiple options including tacos, nachos, and salads. And for the carnivores out there, you’re more than welcome to add your favorite protein to your meal. 

Getting There

The Taos Mesa Brewery Mothership is located about 4 miles east of the Rio Grand Gorge Bridge. You’ll turn in to the dirt parking lot and at the split, head left towards the brewery.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge

Where to Stay in Taos

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Nearby Attractions in Taos

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