It really does take a village.

Social media has allowed me to share my story in exchange for the opportunity to help others. My goal is to provide you all with meaningful, quality content that educates, inspires, or simply creates awareness that may help you down the road. Because of that, many of you have asked for a way to support what I’m doing.

There are numerous costs accrued to create each YouTube video, each blog, and every piece of content that you see online.

If you want to help me build Ride to Food into my dream travel platform and keep this show on the road, there are a few different ways you can help:

Thank you for your support. And thank you for letting me be a part of your adventures.

See y'all on the road!

- Staci

Discount Codes & Affiliate Programs

The links below are affiliate links to some of my favorite brands and distrubitors. If you make a purchase through the links below, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Psssst...some companies have also included discount codes for you to enjoy!

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Check out my Amazon storefront for a few lists of motorcycle camping gear, camera equipment, and even some motorcycle luggage and cleaning supplies.

I mean, who doesn't love having things shipped to your door in a day with Amazon Prime?!

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The Dyrt is my go-to app to find campsites and dispersed camping areas. I use the PRO version of the app to access dispersed campground information!

Want to try the Dyrt Pro for FREE? Use Code RIDETOFOOD for a one-month free trial!

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I've utilized EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals on numerous road trips. Whether you want to fly across the country or simply try out a bike for a staycation-type weekend, EagleRider has rental options nationwide for your next motorcycle trip.

Through the link below, you'll be able to choose from a few different ways to save with EagleRider.


If you're looking for the mecca of online motorcycle parts distributors (especially for those of you who love v-twin motorcycles) J&P has just about everything you can imagine.

Plus, they price match through their live chat!

Lexin - COLOR

I've been using LEXIN products since 2021. My Bluetooth communication system of choice is the G-16. The battery life is truly incredible on this comm system.

Use Code "RIDETOFOOD" for 15% Off your entire Purchase on the LEXIN-MOTO webstore.

Liquid IV Logo

I always carry Liquid I.V. packets with me on the bike to help replenish electrolytes and stay hydrated.

Biiiiig fan of the piña colada flavor, by the way!

Use Code "RIDETOFOOD" for 20% Off your entire Purchase on the Liquid IV Webstore.

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For moto campers, by moto campers.

Ben & Mary are ultimate motorcycle camping enthusiasts. They actively test out all the gear they choose to sell through their company, Moto Camp Nerd.

Use Code "RIDETOFOOD" for 10% Off your first Moto Camp Nerd purchase.

My Medic Logo - SMALL

I always carry a first aid kit with me on my motorcycle. MyMedic makes some of the best kits on the market that are color-coded and organized. Plus, every Pro kit comes with a free $125 first aid training course.

Use code RIDETOFOOD for 15% off your order. The discount won't apply during certain sales, just FYI.

MyMedic does offer discounts to Military, Teachers, and First Responders. Check it out on their site through the link below.

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As a professional photographer and semi-decent YouTuber, having quality camera equipment and accessories are an important part of my job.

Peak Design makes most of the camera accessories that I use on a daily basis, like their Carbon Fiber Tripod, Camera Sling Bag, Capture Clip, Anchor Links, and more.

REI Logo

I've been an REI Co-Op Member since 2015 and am a BIG fan of their EPIC selection of quality camping gear, including the REI- branded items themselves! The staff are knowledgeable and have a passion for the outdoors. Plus, the return policy for co-op members is unmatched! (Not that you'll need to use it much, but it's plus!)

You can order online and pick up in-store, by the way! 🙂

Rokform Logo - Color

Since 2016, Rokform is the only phone case I've used on my phone. I additionally use their motorcycle phone mounts, truck mounts, and other accessories.

Use Code "RIDETOFOOD" for 25% Off your entire Purchase on the Rokform webstore.

Revzilla Logo - Color

Revzilla is my go-to for online motorcycle gear shopping. From ADV gear to leather jackets for cruising the open road, they've got it in stock and ready to ship.

Oh, and they price match through their live chat!

Sea to Summit Logo

I use various Sea to Summit products on all of my motorcycle camping trips. From their sleep systems to their camp kitchens, I've got plenty of Sea to Summit trinkets that make my motorcycle trips much more enjoyable.

Are You a Brand Looking to Work Together?

If you’re ready to promote your brand, product, or service to a highly engaged audience of motorcyclists who enjoy spending time outside, traveling, and camping, you’re in the right place!

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