Strokers: The Most Infamous Chopper Shop in the World

Bikes and Crowd parked outside of Strokers Ice House

Strokers is one of the most iconic motorcycling venues in the State of Texas, if not the nation. It is basically a motorcycle rally ram-sacked into a small piece of property right outside of the Dallas metroplex. With an ice house, tattoo parlor, full service motorcycle shop (sales, builds, parts, etc), and live music on the property, you almost feel like you’re at Sturgis, and you didn’t even have to leave the Lone Star State. So, let’s party!

Rick Fairless is the creator of this two wheeled-inspired circus. While most people in my generation probably only recognize him for his tie-dye painted choppers, He’s actually been doing this whole motorcycle customization thing for a very long time, and has been on a ton of TV shows over the last decade. 

Rick Fairless's Chopper Build
One of Rick’s Choppers being built in the shop. Complete with a Sugar Bear springer!

Rick’s got an open doors policy on the three acre property, meaning his casa is your casa, and you’re welcome to check out the bikes being built in the shop, buy one if you’d like off the showroom floor, or sit down and have some beers while your buddy gets his ex girlfriend’s name tattoo on his neck, covered up in the parlor out back.


Strokers definitely has a rally vibe to it, simple as that. The ice house has every wall covered from floor to ceiling with photographs, neon signs, and whatever else has made it’s way into the establishment to be adorned by the masses.

There’s pool tables in the ice house for those who enjoy a game of billiards, and bar stools galore galore to appease the crowds that flock to establishment every weekend. They’ve even got plenty of outside seating so you can hang out and watch the bands play and/or listen to the bikes rumble through as riders try to find parking. 


If you’re not looking for anything special, the food will be good enough. (Granted—this review is coming from a one time food experience, so let’s not judge it too hard.) It’s your standard bar food. Nothing hip or artesian or fancy about it. I’m pretty sure the burger I had was made with a frozen burger patty, and that’s fine. I wasn’t expecting anything too crazy for seven bucks. The beers are ice cold and for me, that’s pretty important on a hot Texas day.

Burger and Beer at Strokers Dallas

While I’ve only been able to make two visits to Strokers, I can say that it’s definitely a hot spot for locals and those passing through to check out. If you’re in Dallas, and you’re a motorcycle aficionado, it’s definitely worth the trip to check it off your bucket list.

The Deets


9304 Harry Hines Blvd
Dallas, TX 75235

(Ice House) Hours of Operation:

Sunday – Thursday: 11AM – 11PM
Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 12AM

Pricing: $

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