Staci Wilt’s 2023 Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST Build Specs


After my 2015 Dyna Low Rider threw some fits and racked up some expensive service bills in 2022, I decided it was finally time to purchase a new motorcycle after years of constant bike headaches. In May of 2023, I signed paperwork on a Harley-Davidson® Low Rider ST to replace my previous Dyna Low Rider that you might know as Lemmy the Lemon. (Don’t worry, I still have Lemmy and will eventually have that bike hit a celebratory 100,000 miles on the odometer.)

Special thanks to my friends at Cowboy Harley-Davidson of Austin for the smooth bike purchase process, plus a quick and professional install on all of the parts I put on this bike.

Low Rider ST

Specs (As of May 2023): If it’s not listed, it’s stock.


Rider Ergonomics + Comfort:

  • Bars: Flo Moto Bars (Part of the Kraus Bully ST Pro Kit)
  • Risers: 10” Kraus Pullback Risers – For the record, I am completely in love with my handlebar set up. The combined Bar & Riser height is roughly 12.5″. It’s perfect for me.
  • Hand Guards: Memphis Shades
  • Grips: Arlen Ness Knurled (Brass)
  • Cables + Wire Extensions: Guerilla Cables
  • Seat: LePera KickFlip (Upfront) – I run the “upfront” to give me a slight push forward. If you’re taller than me, you would be fine with the standard version.
  • Footpegs: SDC Mini Floorboards
  • Mirrors: Arlen Ness Mini Stockers
  • Windshield: Klock Werks – I originally rain their 6″ windshield but swapped to the 8″ when it was released.


  • Front Tire: Dunlop American Elite
  • Rear Tire: Dunlop American Elite
  • Front Rotors: Arlen Ness Jagged Big Brakes (I ran these same Rotors on my Dyna and loved the look and stopping power of them, so I went with the same set up for my FXLRST)
  • Rear Rotors:  Arlen Ness Jagged Rotors
  • Brakes + Brake Pads: OEM/Stock

Lighting & Other Accessories:

Luggage & Accessories:

  • Bags: Leatherpros V3’s – This is probably the most controversial thing about this bike. “WHY WOULD YOU GET RID OF THE HARD BAGS?!” – Some stranger on the internet will demand that I answer this question at least once daily. Here’s the simple reality: I use my motorcycle to travel long distances, and I do it very often. I know what works best for me, and the clamshell bags that come stock on the bike just don’t cut it for me. I LOVE the side pockets on the Leatherpros, in addition to their symmetry and size in comparison to the stock bags. I rarely expand my Leatherpros to reach their full volume, but it’s nice to know that in a pinch, I could if needed.
  • Sissy Bar + Luggage Rack: Harley-Davidson® Hold Fast Quick Detach Sissy Bar & Components
  • Luggage Bag: Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Bag (Ps, you can read a full review of this bag, here!)
  • Dry Bags: Sea to Summit
  • Mounting Straps: Rok Straps
Motorcycle Packed up for a Road Trip

Phase Two Plans/Wish List:

There are definitely a few more upgrades planned for this bike. Here are a few details as to what I hope to eventually add to my Low Rider ST:

Cosmetics & Lighting:

  • Headlight: After 15,000 miles, I finally upgraded my headlight from the factory headlight to the Custom Dynamics ProBEAM. I can say it was well worth the upgrade.
  • Lowers: As I mentioned in my YouTube Video where I got to spend a day riding the Low Rider ST when it was first released, I feel like this bike isn’t complete without Lowers. However, they’re aren’t too many options available on the market yet, and since you need to relocate your front turn signals when you install the lowers, I’m also waiting for more options there to exist.
  • Front Turn Signals: Ideally, I’d like to see a company create some type of turn signal that mounts into the vents on either side of the headlight like they do with the Road Glide fairings. 
  • Powdercoat: The wheels definitely need to be powder-coated black!


  • HPi Throttlebody
  • Suspension: Eventually I plan to upgrade to Ohlins.
  • Bung King Crash Bars: Once the lowers are installed, I’ll switch to Bung King on the front and rear of the bike.
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