Staci Wilt’s 2015 Harley-Davidson Dyna LowRider


My 2015 Dyna LowRider has always been a work in progress. It was originally purchased to become my primary touring motorcycle, replacing my 2003 Sportster for easier long hauls and general comfort.

Over the years Lemmy has gone through quite the transformation, so let’s break it down from start to finish.

2015: In 2015 I skipped the Born Free Motorcycle Show and signed paperwork on my Dyna. I bought the bike brand new, with only 3 miles on it upon purchase. Within a few weeks of purchasing it I was headed to California on the weekends (from Arizona) and by August I had already gotten it touring ready to head to Sturgis (Fairing, handlebars, and a LePera Daytona Sport seat).

For the next two years, Lemmy & I went everywhere together. If I could get the time off work and enough gas money, I hit the road until it was time to come home. 

Headed home from Sturgis on my Dyna in 2015.

I was so busy riding that I didn’t bother to change out my stock exhaust for almost the entire first year I owned the bike. I also didn’t swap out the suspension for the first 6 months. My first suspension set-up was a Progressive cartridge kit with Burly Stiletto Shocks on the rear.

2016: After enjoying a solid 6 months with my new bike, I finally decided to splurge on exhaust, and powder coat in 2016. Towards the end of the year, I swapped to a Legend Suspensions Revo-A + AXEO Front End suspension system. 

2017-2018: For a few months in 2017, I was actually “homeless by choice” and spent my summer living off my motorcycle. I tested out what was at the time, a prototype exhaust style for TBR. I also decided to try out the Saddlement Step-Up seat, as this was the “newest craze” in seats at the time.

This was also the year I began to start having constant bad luck with the bike and parts failing.

Luckily I had chosen to stop being a nomad by the fall and began working for a Harley-Davidson® Dealer group again, because a lifter failed and blew the motor at about 50,000 miles. This was when I decided to upgrade my handlebars, exhaust, and quite a few other things.

2018-2019: My Dyna was down for all of 2018. I didn’t have a motorcycle from February of 2018 – May of 2019. During this time, I had the bike painted, had the motor rebuilt, handlebars and exhaust replaced, swapped back to a LePera seat, amongst other things.

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Photo by Triniti Ortiz

Unfortunately, the bottom end on this new motor only last 8,000 miles. By the end of 2019 my Dyna was once again living up to its nickname of being a Lemon, so off I went to replace the motor with a bone stock, 110 crate Motor.

2020-Present: Third time’s a charm, right? Well, mostly. Lemmy ran smoothly with only minor part wear outs over the last few years. In the Summer of 2022 Lemmy finally hit 90,000 miles on the Odometer.

This is where the story ends for now, though. After blowing a regulator (the original one, actually) and needing a full fuel pump assembly replacement during the Sturgis rally, Lemmy just hasn’t ran right.

One day I hope to get this bike to 100,000 miles. But until then, here are the current specs!

Specs (as of 2023)

Mileage: 92,000 and some change


  • Harley-Davidson® 110 Crate Motor
  • Pushrods: Screamin’ Eagle®
  • Cam: Screamin’ Eagle®
  • Throttlebody: Horsepower Inc
  • Exhaust: Redthunder 2-1
  • Air Cleaner: S&S Cycle Tear Drop
  • Clutch: Screamin’ Eagle®
  • Transmission, Belt, Pulley: Bone Stock. These are some of the few remaining original parts on the entire bike.


  • Front Suspension: Race Tech
  • Rear Suspension: Harley-Davidson® FXDX Factory Suspension (my Legends leaked and I got tired of warrantying them, so I’ve had FXDX shocks on ever since)
  • Stabilizers: True-Track

Rider Ergonomics

  • Bars: Big Al’s Nicky Bars
  • Risers: Big Al’s Bubba Pullback Risers 10”
  • Hand Guards: Custom Made – No longer in production
  • Grips: Biltwell
  • Footpegs: Biltwell
  • Passenger Pegs: Biltwell
  • Seat: LePera KickFlip
  • Phone Mount: Rokform
  • Fairing: JD Fabs


Paint: Schultz Designz

Lighting & Accessories:

Luggage & Accessories:

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