The Silver Dollar Saloon: 140 Years Old and Full of History!

Inside the Silver Dollar Saloon of Leadville Colorado

If you’re a wild west history buff, the Silver Dollar Saloon should be on your list of things to check out when passing through Leadville, Colorado. Built in the 1800’s, the bar still has it’s original tile floors and diamond dust mirror built into the original wooden back bar. It’s also one of the oldest Saloons in the state.

Silver Dollar Saloon Leadville Colorado


The historic saloon has been standing tall in downtown Leadville since 1879. Originally known as the Board of Trade, it switched names in 1935. Not much has changed inside the bar since its establishment, including the original floors, wooden back bar that was hauled in by train once upon a time, as well as the original mirror behind the bar.

Although seemingly a quiet mountain town today, Leadville, like many Colorado towns, boomed via the mining industry. Silver was found in the town, and the mining industry carried the town’s economy for decades. At it’s peak, Leadville was home to the mining millionaires and was the second most populated town in Colorado, next to Denver. 

Inside the Silver Dollar Saloon of Leadville Colorado


Upon entering through the front door, you won’t see the bar just yet. Actually, you won’t see anything. The building was built with a windbreak which is still present today. This structure allowed for saloon guests to drink and gamble privately. It also aided patrons by keeping the harsh Colorado winters and wind out of the building.

Inside the Silver Dollar Saloon in Leadville Colorado

The walls are lined with photos and remnants of the past. Photos of locals, building renderings, and even a noose used for hangings back in the day can be found in the bar. Supposedly there are old photos on the walls of hangings happening right outside the bar, but we didn’t have time to find them. 

For paranormal activity folks, the Silver Dollar is a must stop. Many say the place is haunted, with resident ghosts visiting bar goers often according to other online articles. 


Famous for his murderous actions during the shoot out at the OK Corral, and a shooting out front of the Silver Dollar, Doc Holliday’s name is constantly mentioned by patrons in the bar. His short time as a resident in Leadville led to him being a frequent visitor of the saloon for gambling and libations. The piano he reportedly played while visiting the Saloon is still in the back room today. 

Silver Dollar Saloon Doc Holliday's Piano


Today, the Silver Dollar Saloon serves cocktails, beers, and food. Although the kitchen wasn’t open when we visited around sunset on a Monday afternoon, there is a menu posted outside the building for inspection prior to walking in the establishment. No draft beers are available, but they do manage to keep the mugs ice cold and the beers affordable. A win-win in my book!



315 Harrison Ave, Leadville, CO 80461


  • Sunday – Monday: 11AM – 11PM
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday – Thursday: 11AM – 11PM
  • Friday – Saturday: 11AM – 1AM
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