Sedici Acqua Hydration Backpack Review

Motorcycle Hydration Pack | Sedici Acqua Review

After a year of using a DIY hydration pack (we’ll save that story for another time, or just read it here) I finally upgraded to a motorcycle-specific hydration pack: the Sedici Acqua. 

Since picking up the Sedici Acqua a few riding seasons ago, I’ve used it on numerous bikes, both on and off-road. If you don’t want to read a full blog: here’s the gist of it – It does exactly what I need it to do. I love it, and haven’t found a reason to replace it over the past two riding seasons of using it. It’s a game-changer for me.

Want to know more? Below is a full review of the Sedici Acqua Hydration Backpack, including a rundown of how I’ve enjoyed (and not enjoyed) a few of its design features.

Do you REALLY need a Motorcycle Hydration Pack?

Water is one of three basic needs we need to survive. You should always carry water on your motorcycle trips. As I’ve gotten older, the need to stay hydrated while riding has significantly shown. Unfortunately, I can’t sustain myself like I once could at 20-something years old running off gas station hot dogs and energy drinks. The Nalgene water bottle I carried in my saddlebags wasn’t cutting it in the scorching hot Summers anymore.

When I started my journey into adventure riding, I truly comprehended how important it was to have a good motorcycle hydration pack. Drinking water consistently will keep you hydrated, which in turn allows you to ride longer, and safer.

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Key Specs:

Sedici Acqua Hydration Backpack
  • Total Capacity: 8 Liters – 3 Liter Bladder (included) + 5 liter cargo chamber
  • Quick Release Chest Strap: Yes
  • Waist Strap: No
  • Construction: from 420 denier and 600 denier polyurethane material with reinforced structure
  • Waterproof: No

Things I love: 

  • 3-Liter Water Bladder: Ideal size for extended rides without frequent refills.
  • The built-in quick release lets you disconnect the drink tube for fast refills without disturbing the tube routing.
  • Comfortable to wear all day while touring all day or riding off-road. You won’t notice you’re wearing it, honestly.
  • Plenty of hooking points: Perfect for securing a satellite communicator or strapping the bag to luggage.
  • Compact, Convenient, and Practical: Just the right size for my needs.
  • Affordable

Things I Don’t Love: 

  • Hook and loop velcro mount for the bite valve on the shoulder strap: While I DO enjoy having a way to keep the drink tube secured to my shoulder, I don’t enjoy that the velcro catches my hair and gradually rips it out.
  • Webbing sternum strap with slide adjustment: Unfortunately, the slide adjustment mechanism can pop off the rigid straps if you pull on it too hard. It’s definitely not an everyday occurrence, but it has happened a few times. You’ll need a few minutes of patience to get it back on the pack before you can go on with your day.

Materials & Durability

Overall, the Sedici Acqua Hydration Backpack feels sturdy and comfortable while wearing. It’s constructed of 420 and 600 denier polyurethane material which feels pretty indestructible. In fact, I’ve slid out on an adventure bike a handful of times with this pack on, and you can’t even tell that I landed on it. If that’s not a product test, I’m not sure what is!

Motorcycle Hydration Backpack | Sedici Acqua

The molded back pad was designed to promote airflow and venting. Does it work? I don’t know. Hard to tell when you have a full kit of riding gear on. Does it bother me? Not at all! If anything, it feels protective with how sturdy it is.

A few thoughtful material design features worth mentioning: While it doesn’t have a waist strap, the silicone grip print and padding on the shoulder straps work effectively to keep the pack in place. It doesn’t bounce or slide around when being worn. (The adjustable sternum strap also helps). This pack does come with some reflective components for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. 

Even while sliding a 650-pound Harley-Davidson Pan America into a cactus bush, the Sedici Acqua Hydration Backpack stayed put and came out of the carnage unscathed!

Is it Waterproof? No, the Sedici Acqua isn’t waterproof. I don’t store important documents or pertinent particulars in my hydration backpack while riding in wet conditions, so no big deal to me.

Overall the Sedici Acqua is pretty comfy for touring all day on the bike or just a few hours on the trail.


The Sedici Acqua offers a total storage capacity of 8 liters. The bladder compartment can snugly accommodate a full 3-liter bladder. There’s also a heavy-duty hook and loop hanger system to keep it securely in place during your rides.

In the front storage compartment, you’ll find a vibrant red liner and a neoprene phone pocket (my iPhone 13 Max Pro fits comfortably). I’ve never needed more space than this for carrying a few Liquid I.V. packets and snacks. If you can fit a Chipotle burrito in this cargo chamber, I’d be genuinely impressed.

On the outside, you’ll notice numerous MOLLE straps on the pack and shoulders which are pretty sturdy and capable of having some gear strapped to it. I’ve strapped my Garmin Mini 2 to the shoulder strap via the OEM carabiner, but if you want something more sturdy, here are a few options:

Due to its size, I’d consider this more of a “pack” than an actual backpack. You won’t be putting your iPad, DSLR camera, or a tool roll in this thing. Instead, it excels at keeping you hydrated on the trail or open road, which aligns perfectly with its intended purpose.

Fully Removeable, Cleanable, and Replaceable 3-Liter Bladder

This hydration pack does come with a 3 Liter, BPA and PVC free bladder that uses a slide lock top. It even has directions right on the bag so you can’t mess it up. The web specs say you can turn it inside out to clean, but I’ve personally never needed to do so. 

Two features that I have used a bunch and enjoy are the built-in quick release and swivel lock bite valve. It’s nice being able to remove the bladder without having to reroute the tubes (similar to my hiking hydration packs). The bite valve works well and the fact that it comes with a swivel lock and cap to cover it up when not in use is also a plus. Nobody enjoys a mouthful of fine sand…or at least I don’t. 

The durability of the bladder has been great. I’ve had zero leak issues, even after dumping myself and a heavyweight ADV on top of it a few times. 

Motorcyclist Drinking Water from a Hyrdation Pack | Sedici Acqua
Don’t forget to drink your water today!

The insulated drink tube cover has been a noted feature by many reviewers and users. Personally? I don’t notice much of a difference. The first sip of water for me is always pretty warm coming out of the tube. Not a big deal.

Sedici Water Bladder Replacement

In case you need to replace your bladder due to general wear and tear and use, there is a bladder kit available through RevZilla, J&P Cycles, and Cycle Gear.

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