Saddlemen BR3400 Tactical Sissy Bar Bag Review

Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag Motorcycle Luggage

If you’re looking for new motorcycle luggage, the Saddlemen BR3400 Tactical Sissy Bar Bag is one of the most popular universal luggage options for the cruiser touring market. It’s rugged, packed with storage options, and ready for the open road.

Good motorcycle touring luggage should hit a few key notes: It should be durable, weather-resistant at minimum, easy to mount to your machine and last but not least, improve your overall travel experience. I’ve grown to love universal sissy bar bags for all of these reasons, especially since I can mount them to various bikes with ease.

After many years and 50,000+ miles of use with my Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Bag, I decided it was time to try something new. As someone that uses their Sissy bar bag to carry electronics such as camera gear and a laptop, having a sturdy sissy bar bag is highly desirable. Saddlemen is known for their quality motorcycle luggage, and their BR3400 Tactical Sissy Bar Bag was high on my list of bags to try next.

Saddlemen BR3400 Motorcycle Luggage
The Saddlemen BR3400 (Left) and Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Bag (Right) are two of the most popular universal sissy bar luggage bags on the market.

As of June 2024, I’ve been using the Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag for about 7,500 miles now. While I don’t have nearly the same amount of use out of this bag as I do my Kuryakyn bag, I do feel like I’ve gotten enough seat time with this bag to give it a fair review. In this review, I’ll be sharing my experience using the BR3400, including things I love, and a few things that I’d like to see improve.

Saddlemen BR3400 Tactical Sissy Bar Bag Overview

Key Specs:

  • Dimensions: 12″ L x 14″ W x 19″ H; measures 3,400 cubic inches. *Does not include external pockets. Pocket sizes average 1″-2″ thick.
  • Two Primary Compartments: a spacious top-loading main compartment plus a large, top-loading main compartment
  • Padded laptop storage compartment and organizer pocket
  • Six external pockets, two of which can be expanded for added capacity
  • Five internal mesh pockets plus two outer mesh pockets
  • Includes a rain cover with a security tether system
  • Integrated MOLLE modular attachment points for storage customization
  • Includes an optional backrest pad
  • MSRP: $263.95

Where to buy the Saddlemen BR3400:

Check the price of the Saddlemen BR3400 Tactical Bag on Amazon, J&P Cycles, Revzilla, or Cycle Gear

What I Love:

  • Sissy Bar Mounting System
  • Extremely Durable construction
  • Easy organization with all the pockets
  • Includes all the mounting options you could possibly need

What I Don’t Love

  • Needs some updating: Does not fit larger, more modern laptops
  • Zippers could be better
  • Fades to purple over time
  • The Rain Cover isn’t fully waterproof (in my experience)

Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag Review

Materials and Construction

The first thing I noticed when unboxing my Saddlemen BR3400 was how rigid it felt compared to my previous sissy bar bag. This is not a flimsy piece of motorcycle luggage. The side walls are sturdy and well-reinforced. In fact, it hasn’t lost it’s shape whatsoever since I started using it earlier this year.

The zippers on the Saddlemen are a notable upgrade from my previous luggage. However, I wish the zipper system were more compatible with TSA-style locks for better security. Though you can lock the main compartment, the design could be improved for easier use when flying and renting a motorcycle, or simply walking away from your bike and having peace of mind.

This bag is made of a UV-, water, and weather-resistant 1200 denier material. It’s seen plenty of rain in the past few months, which has also caused the bag to fade to a slight purple hue. If you don’t ride in the rain much, this probably won’t be an issue for you.

Is the Saddlmen BR3400 Tactical Sissy Bar Bag Waterproof?

As someone who carries camera gear and other tech items in their BR3400 bag, weatherproofing is an important feature for me. The Saddlemen BR3400 Tactical Bag claims to be water and weather-resistant and includes a rain cover for those extra wet long hauls.

From my experience, in the event you get caught in a quick downpour and aren’t able to pull over and install the rain fly, your items should be fine. 

The included rain fly does a great job keeping this bag waterproof while riding in the rain. However, I’ve had a different experience when stationary.

Saddlemen BR3400 | Waterproof Motorcycle Luggage

Recently, I discovered a flaw with my rainfly. I was sitting at a coffee shop, waiting for a heavy storm to pass. Once the storm subsided, I went outside to remove the rain fly and get back on the road. While my bag wasn’t soaked, the exterior had absorbed some moisture, indicating that the rain fly wasn’t performing as well as I had hoped. Fortunately, all the internal tech items remained completely dry. Without the rain fly, the situation might have been worse, but I had expected no moisture at all. Despite this, the rainfly seems to work effectively while in motion.

Internal Organization and Storage

If you travel with a partner, or if you simply need additional storage room for yourself, the Saddlemen BR3400 provides an excellent amount of storage space and organization via the internal and external compartments.

Motorcyclist with Luggage

There are two main, internal storage compartments: a main top-loading compartment plus an additional smaller (yet spacious) top-loading compartment above that. Combined, these two areas provide roughly 3,400 cubic inches of storage. Google says that’s about 55.7 Liters, by the way. Additionally, there are five internal mesh pockets if you want to keep smaller items secure.

Saddlemen BR3400

I primarily use the main and top compartments to store my camera gear and other small travel items, but it would store a week-long road trip’s worth of clothes if you wished to use it for its intended purpose. 

The top compartment is accessible via two buckles, which are adjustable for additional storage, such as a jacket when not in use.

My biggest gripe with the internal storage is the bag’s dimensions. My 16” Macbook does not fit in the padded laptop compartment, assuming I have it in its protective carrying case. This bag was clearly designed before larger laptops were more common. If you use carry a tablet or a smaller-sized laptop, you will be fine.

External Organization and Storage

The Saddlemen BR3400 features seven external pockets. The two larger pockets, which are found on each side of of the bag, can be expanded for added capacity. I tend to keep snacks in these, but you could fit a small first-aid kit in one if desired. The side pockets also feature external mesh pockets, but I never use them.

On the front of the bag, you’ll find an additional pocket that features some internal organization options, in addition to MOLLE Webbing on the outside. 

Towards the top of the bag you’ll find four final pockets: two small side pockets near the top compartment, a rear pocket which is the storage container for the rain cover, and an exterior pocket on the top flap. 

As a BIG fan of pockets, I will say that this amount of them feels like overkill from a design perspective. I’m often left wondering what to store in them. Nevertheless, it’s nice to have the option to stay organized if needed.

Mounting Options

One thing I love about the Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag, is that it comes with multiple mounting systems to mount this luggage to your bike with ease. The seat harness works well for bikes that lack a sissy bar, such as a full dresser with a tour pack and open back seat.

Saddlemen BR3400 Sissy Bar Bag Motorcycle Luggage

My favorite and preferred mounting system is the integrated and fully adjustable sissy bar strap system. This was one of the most desirable features of this bag when I considered swapping out my Kuryakyn Momentum Bag. You simply adjust the poles to the width of your sissy bar, and slide the bag over. It’s a sleek and highly functional mounting system. Admittedly, the wider your backrest pad is, the more sturdy your bag will be. Mine flops around slightly due to having a narrow sissy bar backrest.

Additional Included Accessories

The Saddlemen BR3400 Tactical Bag also includes a set of backpack straps. I wouldn’t trust these to haul this bag up a mountain, but from the bike to your hotel room, you should be fine. The heavier your bag is, the less likely you’ll want to carry it this way, though.

This bag also comes with a backrest pad that can be used for additional comfort by the passenger or driver. Personally, I don’t use this, but it’s nice that it’s included. I tend to use a hoodie or other piece of gear as a backrest.

Conclusion: The Saddlemen BR3400 is a Great Bag with a Few Minor Flaws

I’ve put the Saddlemen BR3400 through it’s paces in recent months and overall, have enjoyed using this bag. It’s sturdy and I think that the average motorcyclist will be more than satisfied with their purchase.

I do hope to see improvements to this bag in the future, including the aforementioned laptop storage, zippers, color fading issues, and potentially upgrading the rain fly’s material. None of these qualms make this bag undesirable, though. It is still one of the best bags of its kind on the market. And I’m looking forward to using it for many more road trips in the future.

Where to Buy the Saddlemen 3400 Sissy Bar Bag

Saddlemen produces three versions of their 3400 Sissy Bar Bag: The Tactical, Daisy, and Standard. Each has slight design variations. I personally prefer the look of the Tactical bag. But, if it’s not your style, it’s worth viewing the others to see what is best for you.

The Saddlemen BR3400 Tactical Sissy Bar Bag MSRP’s for $263.95

Check the price of the Saddlemen BR3400 Tactical Bag on Amazon, J&P Cycles, Revzilla, or Cycle Gear

The Daisy version MSRP’s for $262.95

Check Price on J&P Cycles

The Standard Version MSRP’s for $252.95

Check Price on J&P Cycles, Revzilla

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