Roland Sands Design Mia Jacket Review

Roland Sands Mia Jacket

Finding a leather jacket that fits in all the right places as a woman can be challenging. Like “I’ve been riding for ten years, have tried a lot of different jackets and I always find *some* part of the fitment off,” challenging. The team at Roland Sands Design changed the game for me with the release of the Mia Women’s leather jacket.

In September of 2020, I had planned a week long motorcycle ride through Yellowstone, greater Wyoming, Utah, and Montana. Knowing that I’d be at elevations from 4,000-11,000 feet, and temperatures from 25*F to 110*F, I knew I’d need something that provided multi-season functionality, in addition to protection. Since that trip, this has been my go-to riding jacket. Here’s a quick review of the Mia, backed by 5,000+ miles of riding and wear.

Styling & Specs

Like every piece of riding gear that Roland Sands Design manufactures, function and fashion work cohesively to provide premium styling. The Roland Sands Mia Jacket falls right in line with the features you’d expect to find from the team at RSD.

Roland Sands Mia Jacket Review
Roland Sands Mia Jacket Review

Let’s start with the obvious: this jacket is made of 1.2mm premium oiled buffalo leather, providing maximum protection in the event of a slide. It’s sleek, but sturdy. The Mia jacket also has subtle “cafe racer-meets-classic-biker-jacket” styling. You’ll notice a clean a-symmetrical front zipper and subtle quilt stitching accents, making the Mia jacket fashionable on and off the bike. I love that Roland Sands jackets never scream “motorcycle jacket,” but are definitely built for the ride.

Three front zip pockets allow for multiple storage points on the outside, with an additional two on the inside. A new feature in the Mia jacket, that I haven’t seen in previous Roland Sands jackets, is the waterproof interior device pocket on the inner left chest. This is definitely a convenient feature that you could utilize in a pinch, assuming you need to throw your phone somewhere safe from the elements.

RSD Mia Jacket Review

For those looking for extra protection, the Mia jacket comes equipped with premium KNOX™ MICROLOCK™ CE Level-2 molded armor for superior impact protection. There’s also a pocket for a back protector of your choice. 

Inside, you’ll also find a removable waterproof hoodie that also features an a-symmetrical front zipper, matching the leather jacket itself. This may be the only complaint I have about the entire jacket, y’all. While it’s a fashionable and warm hoodie when worn on its own, the asymmetrical zipper completely kills the right pocket’s functionality. All things and features considered, this is really not that big of a deal.

Is the Mia REALLY a Multi-Season Jacket?

As I mentioned previously, this jacket was really put through its paces on my trip to Yellowstone. From freezing cold to sizzling hot temperatures, I was really able to get a feel for comfort levels in a multitude of weather conditions pretty quickly. For those that prefer SparkNotes: it didn’t disappoint.

Is the RSD Mia Jacket good for Cold Weather?

Well, yes, depending on your definition of cold weather. On chilly mornings when temperatures were in the 30’s and 40’s, I took out the waterproof shell and added in my 850 Down Jacket from REI, as well as a nice wool base layer. If you have heated gear and proper layers for winter riding, you’d be snug as a bug. If you plan to ride in any temperatures below 50 degrees for an extended period of time, I would highly suggest using additional layers.

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If “cold” for you is a breezy ride along the California coast line, the wind and waterproof soft shell hoodie will work perfectly as a mid layer to keep you warm. This would be a great Fall or Spring jacket for many riders around the country.

Roland Sands Mia Jacket Review

Is the RSD Mia Jacket good for Summer Riding?

When the temperature rose above 80 degrees in the Utah desert, things definitely heated up a bit in the Mia Jacket. However, it was not as bad as I was expecting from a thick, black leather jacket. The softshell hoodie was quickly shed to allow for less wind resistance and breathability. Unlike other Roland Sands jackets I’ve owned, the Mia features a cool-core mesh liner with moisture-wicking properties. While I enjoy the feel of the silky smooth liners found in other RSD jackets, the functionality of this one is definitely preferred. 

Camelback Water Reservoir | Riding Motorcycles in Extreme Heat

Eventually, the temperatures rose above 100 degrees in the Utah desert. It was time to open the sleeve and waist zippers to allow for a little more breathability. To make better use of my empty back protector pocket, I threw in a Camelbak bladder filled with ice and kept myself cooled off on the scorching 110-degree ride across Moab. My bike ended up overheating, but fortunately, I did not, thanks to my redneck ingenuity. Depending on your tolerance for heat, this jacket may or may not be too warm in the middle of Summer.

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What makes the Roland Sands Mia Jacket my favorite, out of all the jackets I’ve worn from RSD, is the fit. For all my broad shouldered, curvy ladies out there, you’re going to love the fit of this jacket. It’s aggressive and feminine, without being constraining in any areas. For reference, I am 5’4” with a 39” chest (36D), 41″ hip, and wear a Large in the Mia. According to the size chart on Revzilla, this should put me at the snug end of a Large. I’d say that their sizing recommendations are true to size.

RSD Mia Jacket

Where I tend to struggle with riding jackets, is having enough mobility in the shoulder region while wearing layers. With the removable liner and armor installed in the shoulders and elbows, I’m able to ride comfortably. The Mia also features flex ribbing on the sides and elbow areas, helping with articulation and overall fit. This feature definitely allows the jacket to stretch a bit.

Roland Sands Design Mia Jacket

Pre-curved sleeves and zippers on both sides of the waist section allow for additional comfort. All of these features I’ve touched on really help the jacket move with my body, without feeling constricted in thick leathers. This jacket is functional and feminine, and I love that!

In Conclusion

After my initial trip to Yellowstone, I knew that this jacket was only going to get better in time. It’s insanely comfortable, and versatile in different riding conditions. The Roland Sands Mia Jacket has since become my go-to jacket in my closet that I grab anytime I’m about to go for a rip. It took ten years, but I think I found my favorite riding jacket!

Where to Buy the Roland Sands Mia Jacket

Currently, the Mia is Available in Black and Tobacco (Super duper dark brown), in sizes XS – 2XL. If you’d like to check the latest pricing on the Mia jacket, here a few outlets to check out: 

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