Best RAM® Phone Mounts for your Motorcycle

RAM MOUNTS | Best Phone Mount for your Motorcycle

3 RAM Phone Mount Kits for your Motorcycle, tested.

During Sturgis 2018, I was given a variety of RAM Mounts to try out on not only my motorcycle, but my boyfriend’s bike as well. Over the last year, we’ve gotten to really try each of these phone mounts out and decide which ones we like on each of our bikes. These are, in my opinion, the best RAM® phone mounts for your motorcycle.

This blog is in no way shape or form sponsored or influenced by RAM Mounts®. The thoughts and opinions expressed below are mine.


Ram Motorcycle Phone Mount for Brake/Clutch Reservoir
Ram Motorcycle Phone Mount with X-Grip and Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base Mount

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For those who prefer to leave your phone mount on your bike permanently, this option may be the best for you. On H-D Applications, this mount will bolt right up onto your Brake/Clutch reservoir. The dual ball mechanism allows you to mount the kit above your bars, or below your bars, whichever works best for your handlebar set up. On a Street Glide with taller bars, it worked best below the bars, as to not distract the rider and their field of vision. 


RAM Motorcycle Phone Mount with U-Bar Base and X-Grip

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Find it on, here.

This is my least favorite of the three we were able to try out. Primarily for aesthetic reasons. I felt that when the socket arm and x-grip weren’t attached, the U-Bar stuck out like a sore thumb on the handlebars. However, functionality wise, it works perfectly in comparison to the Brake Clutch Mount Kit and the Tough Claw®. 

At the end of the day, it’s about personal preference. This mount seems to be a favorite amongst my friends, but for me, I prefer the next mount we’re going to talk about, the Tough Claw.


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Find it on, Here.

This is my favorite of the three mounts, mainly because of it’s versatility and ability to be removed quickly. Unlike the other two mounts we tried, this one doesn’t require any sort of tools to be mounted or unmounted!

The Tough Claw really is…tough, for a lack of better words. The twist knob allows you to tighten it to your handlebars and/or risers easily, and quickly remove it if you’d like to let a friend borrow it for a test ride, or to move it from bike to bike if you own multiple. 

I use this one on my Dyna and place it on the top portion of the bars if I want it right in my face, or move it down to the risers if I want it to be little more subtle. On my sportster, I swap it over and clamp it onto the risers. Another Pro of this mount, is that it will latch on to rectangular style risers. So if your bars aren’t cylindrical, have no fear!

The versatile placement of this mount is what makes me love it over the other two. Simple as that. I love that if I want the mount right in my face, at the top of the bars, I can do that, or if I want it down below closer to my tank, I can also relocate it within a few seconds. 


General wear and tear? Although I haven’t had a need to replace any portion of my RAM Mounts, you are able to order individual parts to repair your mount. Missing one of the X-Grip post caps? There’s a fix for that. 

Socket Arm Length – If you feel that the socket arm that came with your mount kit is too long or short, you’re easily able to purchase a new one to better accommodate your needs.

Action Cameras – Want to attach a GoPro or other action camera to the mount in replacement of the X-Grip Phone Mount? There’s a fix for that, too!


I use an iPhone 8 Plus with a RokForm case at all times, and use the Large X-Grip for my phone. 

Small X-Grip Holder Dimensions:

  • Minimum Width = 1.875″ (Minimum Height = 4.25″)
  • Maximum Width = 3.25″ (Minimum Height = 2.25″)
  • Depth = 0.875”

Common Phones used with the Small X-Grip: 

  • Iphone 6, 6s, 7, 8, SE, X, Xr
  • Google Pixel XL, 2, 3
  • Samsung Galaxy A5

Large X-Grip Holder Dimensions:

  • Minimum Width = 1.75″ (Minimum Height = 5.5″)
  • Maximum Width = 4.5″ (Minimum Height = 3.25″)
  • Depth = 0.875”

Common Phones used with the Large X-Grip:

  • Apple iPhone 6s Plus, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, XsMax
  • Samsung Galaxy A7, A8, A9, Note 5


In conclusion, if you can’t go wrong with any RAM Mount for your motorcycle. However, we definitely think these are the best phone mounts for your Motorcycle, whichever you choose to go with. With the versatile abilities from picking each individual part out, to replacing certain parts that wear out over time (if at all), these phone mounts are meant for the on-the-go rider. 

Shop RAM Mounts on, here!

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