This Oklahoma gas station has over 700 kinds of pop!


We’re in pop country….and we’re not talking music.

This time, we’re talking midwest slang for sodas, cokes, and fizzy drinks. And, when in Oklahoma City, there’s only one spot to head to, and that’s Pops Gas Station on Route 66!

Oklahoma City sits just about smack dab in the middle of the country, and is surrounded by farm lands, pine trees, and ….not too much exciting stuff to look at, that is, unless you get off the major highways, and onto the beaten path of Route 66, the mother road that was once the main highway running through through the state’s capitol in the 1920’s.

Pop’s isn’t as classic as some of it’s neighboring roadside attractions, such as Arcadia’s 1800’s-era round barn that’s right up the road, but it’s a must stop for anyone visiting Central Oklahoma, or in the area and needing a quick ride out of town.

Pops 66 Arcadia Oklahoma

On the weekends, specifically in the warmer months, you’ll find motorcycles lined up adjacent to the restaurant of all shapes and sizes. Pop’s is a popular riding destination for many locals who want a quick trip out of the hustle and bustle of Oklahoma City. From downtown, it only takes about 30 minutes ’til you can see the world’s largest soda pop bottle standing tall out front of this gas station.

What’s on the menu?

There’s around 700 different kinds of glass bottled sodas, from the classics such as Orange Crush, to questionable Ranch Flavored “pops,” and enough brands of root beer your head will spin trying to pick just one. Not into sugar-filled soda waters? Good news, there’s seltzer water too.

If you’re hungry, you’re in luck. This retro gas station is also a diner, serving up classic meals such as chicken fried steak, a plethora of burger variations, and a breakfast menu. The vanilla malts are always a must if you enjoy ice cream, and if you’re hungry, the burgers will suffice if you need a meal. Is it the best diner-style food I’ve ever had? Definitely not. But I’ve had significantly worse. I’d give it 3.5/5 stars for a food review on the ol’ Wilt-o-meter.

Want to Keep Adventuring?

The historic Round Barn in Arcadia is just up the road and is worth visiting if you have time. Tons of history and relics have been set up inside the old barn. Bored? Head towards Tulsa and make a pitstop at the Motorcycle Museum and other Route 66 stops. There’s never a dull moment on the mother road! Even in the land of red dirt and pine trees.

The historic Round Barn in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Route 66 Holds a ton of little treasures across the state. Here’s a few other Route 66-area stops in Oklahoma we’ve checked out:

  • The Pump
  • Eischen’s Bar
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