Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Sissy Bar Bag Review

Motorcycle Luggage on Passenger Seat

When traveling on a motorcycle, having an efficient and effortless way to store and organize your luggage is key to having the best experience possible on the road. Over the past year, I’ve been using the Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Sissy Bar Bag on all of my motorcycle trips.

Whether you’re looking to use the Momentum Vagabond Bag as a day use, overnighter, or even as long-distance motorcycle luggage, this bag packs a magnitude of versatility to handle whatever style of cruiser-touring you throw at it. 

Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Sissy Bar Bag

Motorcycle Luggage for Harley

Where to Buy

Check the current price at Revzilla J&P Cycles or Amazon


  • Materials: UV-rated, weather-resistant 1200 denier textile material. Includes a rain cover for downpours.
  • Storage Volume 46 Liters
  • Compartments: 2 Main Storage Compartments, 2 bottle pockets, and 2 external stash pockets for smaller items. Internal zippered mesh pockets keep smaller items organized. Includes a Padded Laptop/Media Storage pocket.
  • External bungee storage system for jackets or other items.
  • Integrated MOLLE modular attachment options
  • Dimensions 18″ wide x 12″ deep x 15.5″ tall


  • LOTS of storage
  • Versatile: can be used on numerous motorcycles with ease
  • A lot of bang for your buck


  • Durable, to an extent.

Storage Specs:

Do you know what’s really cool about packing your life up onto your motorcycle? You can pack your life up on your motorcycle. Do you know what makes it even better? Having your gear organized, with easy access whenever you need it.

kuryakyn momentum vagabond bag on a motorcycle
Two separate storage compartments plus side pockets make it easy to keep your things organized while traveling.

The Vagabond has a 46 liter (2820 cubic inches) storage capacity between the upper and lower storage compartment. For reference, one factory hard bag on a Street Glide, Road Glide, or other touring models from Harley-Davidson® holds 29 Liters of your favorite junk. If you want to use this bag on a bike that’s smaller, or manufactured by a completely different brand, the Kuryakyn Vagabond will supply you with a ton of storage room.

The Vagbond Bag seen loaded onto a Road Glide Special. And to think: This bag actually holds more than one of the hard bags!

Other than having ample room for your gear, there are also built-in ways to stay organized. Within the two storage compartments, there are internal mesh zippered pockets for additional organization and a media storage pocket that stores up to 13” laptops or tablets.

Externally, you’ll immediately notice the MOLLE webbing covering most of the bag, making it easy to attach extra gear when needed. I tend to latch a camp mug on with a carabiner. However, a medic kit or luggage net would hook up easily.

There are also two side pockets that can be used for snacks or utility items, in addition to two water bottle pockets. Personally, I wish that the two side pockets did not completely unzip, allowing the compartment to potentially open and spill its contents out. It’s never happened to me, but I have wondered, “what if…” quite a few times. With that being said, I don’t store anything in these pockets that can’t be replaced with ease.

The external bungee storage system is perfect for holding a jacket, bedroll, or whatever other items you want to quickly store on the outside. I tend to utilize mine on long trips even when I have storage available elsewhere, just so that I have something to lean back on long rides.

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Material Specs

The Kuryakyn Vagabond Momentum bag is made from UV-rated, weather-resistant 1200-denier textile material. Structurally, it’s also quite rigid. I’ve checked this bag as airport luggage on numerous motorcycle trips when I’ve flown in and rented an Eaglerider bike.

The weather resistance claim holds true and works well to keep water out in the event of a quick rain storm. I would highly recommend using the included rain cover (hidden underneath the bag via a zipped compartment) if you plan to ride through heavy rains for extended periods of time. In regards to the UV-rated material, after being beaten up by the sun and general life on the road for over 10,000 miles, my Momentum bag still looks brand new.

The waterproof cover features an adjustable tether to ensure that it’ll stay put at any highway speed.

The Structure has, for the most part, remained rigid and intact. I’ve managed to put quite a bit of weight in mine and have over-tightened it when mounting it to my passenger seat a few times. This has resulted in a slight bend in the bottom of the bag. It still looks great and works perfectly when mounted, however.

So Nice, I bought it Twice! (I Broke it)

After 20,000+ miles of use, I unfortunately broke the zipper on the main compartment of my Momentum Vagabond Bag. As previously mentioned, I tend to overload this piece of luggage with camera equipment and am not easygoing when zipping up the main compartment. It was quite apparent by the zipper tear that it was from the way I use my bag, rather than a quality defect.

I love this bag so much that I ended up replacing it. I felt that with I more than got my money’s worth from my original purchase and was fine buying it again.

How to Install the Kuryakyn Vagabond Bag

I’ve used the Kuryakyn Vagabond Bag on multiple cruiser-style motorcycles since I purchased it in 2021. It only takes a few minutes to have this bag mounted, which is a huge plus. The mounting system features a quick-mount sissy bar strap design on the back side of the bag. These straps can tighten or loosen to your exact setup. There’s also a full mounting strap kit included, which adds a variety of easy, secure mounting options.

There is a removable shoulder strap available in the event you choose to not solely utilize the external carrying handles. I’ve checked my Vagabond bag in as luggage on a flight, and the shoulder strap definitely came in handy lugging my bag full of moto-junk through the airport.

Where to Buy the Kuryakyn Momentum Vagabond Bag

In conclusion, the Momentum Vagabond Sissy Bar Bag from Kuryakyn is a quality and affordable piece of luggage. I wish I would have invested in it long before I pressed the “order” button. f

For roughly $250 MSRP, the Kuryakyn Vagabond Bag was the bag I never knew I needed until I splurged. It has proven itself to be well worth its price tag, and worth replacing once worn out. Check current prices and availability on Revzilla, J&P Cycles or Amazon.

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