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Many people attempt to create motorcycle-themed eateries and establishments, but Fuel Cafe takes the cake in this competition, bar none.

Fuel is something special, and the venue can take multiple shapes and forms, depending on when you’re there. From the Mama Tried Show pre-parties, where folks ride mini bikes off the bar and do burnouts around it, to laid back brunch hours on a Monday, Fuel is the perfect place to visit if you’re a motorcycle fanatic.

Rusty Butcher Mark riding motorcycles through Fuel Cafe
The Rusty Butcher himself, Mark, ripping his sporty through a packed house at Fuel.

Community Involvement

Fuel Cafe does a lot to help it’s local motorcycle scene out, besides the obvious of giving a bunch us of two wheeled freaks a place to go to eat and drink together. Throughout the year, the venue hosts multiple event pre-parties, after parties, as well as starting points for group rides and meet ups. 

Sponsored Fuel Cafe Flat Track Racer
Fuel Cafe sponsors multiple Flat Track racers.

Furthermore, the guys that own the place really do love racing and anything two wheeled, and they’ve got their name slapped on plenty of race leathers and gas tanks to prove it. How often do you see a restaurant sponsor a racer?! Not often, but it’s pretty rad that they do it.

Fuel Cafe Neon Sign


There’s two ways to get in to Fuel: Through the door beyond the outdoor patio, and through the physical front door, which brings you straight to the coffee shop. I’m not a huge coffee fan, but I’m sure there are plenty of people that stop by and enjoy the fresh brews in the early morning.

You’ll notice a plethora of helmets that have been added to the decor throughout the bar. There are a couple of bikes on display, and even photographs and artwork from various artists adorning the walls. If you need to wait for a table, you’ll be plenty entertained in the meantime with the overload of eye candy.

Like many motorcycle builds, there’s plenty of little details thrown into the structure of the building that may typically go unnoticed. The accents welded into the railings above the coffee shop, and the reclaimed wood used on the walls and bar are just a few we’ve spotted. Although industrial-esque designed, it also feels a little punk rock-inspired with the way so many photos, flyers, and other decor flows together.

If you need a quiet place to have a beer and get some work done, there’s a loft above the coffee shop that you can sit at and get away from the abundant noise of business folks that tend to swarm the bar during the lunch hour. Yep, even the people who aren’t crazy about motorcycles tend to enjoy visiting this place.

Food and Drink

There is a full service bar, with draft beer, cans, bottles, and a variety of liquors if you’re in need of a fixer upper. I’ve had breakfast here, and I’ve had dinner here, and I honestly don’t know if there’s such thing as a bad meal at Fuel. When in Milwaukee, you have to have cheese curds, and Fuel’s are some of my favorites in town. 

Cheese Curds
Mmmm….Cheese Curds. Squeaky, gooey, delectable little morsels.
The Fuel Skillet is Part of their All Hours Breakfast Menu

For Breakfast, I’d Recommend the Fuel Skillet if you’re hungry. The portions are always plentiful and you definitely won’t be leaving with an empty stomach. If you’re feeling like having breakfast for dinner, you’re in luck, because parts of their brunch menu are available all day, like the Skillet. Is the menu a little on the pricey side? On paper, it looks like it. In reality, you’re getting what you pay for. Quality meals made from scratch and a hefty portion to go along with it.

Be sure to follow along on their Instagram or Facebook, where they post daily food specials and any two-wheeled tom foolery announcements.

Fuel has quickly become one of my favorite motorcycle friendly establishments that I’ve visited in the country. From its amazing food, ambience, and passion-driven community involvement, its a recipe you can’t help but fall in love with. Plus, it’s a whopping mile down the road from the Harley-Davidson Museum and downtown Milwaukee. Make sure it’s on your list next time you’re in the brew town.

Bikes parked in front of Fuel Cafe
Bikes lined out front of Fuel

The Deets

Address: 630 S. 5th st., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204

Hours of Operation: 

Monday – Friday :7AM – 10PM

Saturday & Sunday: 8AM-6PM

(They usually stay open later during event weekends like the Mama Tried Show)

Price: $$

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