Campfire Chilaquiles Recipe

Campfire Chilaquiles Recipe

The first time I ever had campfire chilaquiles was at a motorcycle camp out in New Mexico. A mix of crispy corn tortillas smothered in red salsa, and topped with over easy eggs, chilaquiles are a perfect, easy camping breakfast to make over a fire with a couple of friends.

After years of craving those first chilaquiles I ever had, I finally decided to make them for a friend and I. I have zero idea why I waited so long, because this is officially my favorite camping breakfast ever!

Being from Texas, Mexican cuisine plays a major role in my food consumption, but more so on the Tex-Mex side. Never heard of chilaquiles before? Honestly, I called them chile-cheekies for a long time, because I couldn’t figure out what my friend was saying. (Hilarious, I know. Let’s roll with it, though.)

Campfire Chilaquiles

Save your granola bars and basic camp breakfasts for another time. This recipe only takes about 30 minutes to make and you and your friends will be happy you enjoyed the crisp morning air around the campfire in the process.

Whether you’re out on a weekend adventure with only one night’s worth of camping gear, or on the road for weeks at a time, this recipe is great for both situations. I boiled this recipe down to the bare minimum ingredients, since making room for food on a motorcycle can be quite the task. Even with the simplest of ingredients, this chilaquiles dish was a hit at the campfire, and all of my friends saved the recipe for future adventures.

What You’ll Need:

Cooking via Campfire versus Stove

A camp stove is going to be the easiest, and most efficient way to cook most meals during a campout. If you’re able to lug one on the trip with you, I’d recommend it. Enjoying the great outdoors via a campfire will also suffice, however you’ll need to consistently keep the fire hot to cook your breakfast quickly. Altitude will also play a major role in your ability to cook food quickly over a fire. If you’re at higher elevations, you’ll need to stoke the fire more often to keep the heat on your cookware. 


I used a cast iron skillet for this recipe, but any non-stick skillet will work, such as the fairly popular MSR Flex Skillet. Don’t forget to bring a few camping forks, knives, spatula, and plates with you as well. 

Meal Ingredients:

  • 10 yellow corn tortillas
  • Vegetable Oil (1/4 cup)
  • Red enchilada sauce (20oz)
  • One red onion (Diced)
  • 5 Eggs (I like to use about 2 eggs per person. You are welcome to use more or less.)

Optional Toppings

  • Cotija or Monterrey Jack Cheese
  • 1 Avocado
  • Lime Slices


  1. Add oil to the skillet and warm. Start out by cutting the corn tortillas into quarters and placing them in the oil for frying. NOTE: If you’d prefer to use a bag of corn tortilla chips instead of doing this part yourself, that will suffice, however you may notice a slight difference in taste and texture from frying them yourself.
  2. Remove tortilla chips from the pan. Add in the red onion, diced, and sauté until tender. If you love onions like I do, use an entire onion. If not, use half the onion.
  3. Once the onions have softened, add in about half of the enchilada sauce, and let simmer for a few minutes to absorb some of the onion flavor. Then, add the tortilla chips back into the mix, and stir in more sauce. Evenly coat the tortilla chips and let sit for a few minutes.
  4. Cooking the eggs can be done two ways. If you have a way to cover the top of your skillet, you can easily crack the eggs on top of the tortilla chips and allow them to poach. Second option: move the tortilla chips to the sides of the skillet and create a hole in the middle of the pan. Crack the eggs into the center and allow to cook to a desired consistency, scrambled, over easy, or over hard.
  5. Add whatever toppings you wish (I added avocado and Monterey Jack Cheese), and enjoy!

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