Custom Dynamics Shark Demon (Low Rider ST) Headlight Review

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The Shark Demon Low Rider ST Headlight from Custom Dynamics is a significant lighting upgrade for anyone looking to improve their motorcycle’s visibility, safety, and overall aesthetic appeal.

Low Rider ST Motorcycle | Custom Dynamics Shark Demon headlight

Whether I’m trying to scan for deer on a lonesome back road or keep my eyes peeled for debris on the interstate, having a bright headlight is key for motorcycle touring. While factory motorcycle lighting has come a long way in recent years, the aftermarket headlight world still holds the crown for superior performance. Whether I’m riding my Sportster chopper, my Dyna, or my Low Rider ST, all of my bikes run Custom Dynamics LED headlights.

I’ve recently installed the highly anticipated, DOT-approved Shark Demon headlight on my Low Rider ST and figured I’d put together a quick review, including some headlight comparisons below.

Shark Demon™ 2 Low Rider ST Headlight Kit Overview


  • High-performance illumination: specialized for motorcycle on-road use
  • DOT & SAE Compliant
  • 5800-6500K Daylight Color Temperature
  • Low Beam: 3600 Raw Lumens, 2651 Effective Lumens (3 Projection LEDs)
  • High Beam: 9080 Raw Lumens, 4485 Effective Lumens (4 Direct-Reflective LEDs)
  • Plug-And-Play Installation: Includes 3 mm, 304 stainless steel mounting brackets and mounting hardware, and wire harness
  • Single lamp assembly is completely sealed IP67, waterproof
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Engineered in the USA
  • Fitment: Specifically Made For Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST Models. Road Glide, Street Glide, and Dyna Fitment kits are also Available

Where to Buy:

The Shark Demon™ 2 Low Rider ST Headlight Kit retails for $499.95. Check current prices and product availability at J&P Cycles, Revzilla, Cycle Gear, or Custom

What I Like:

  • High Quality
  • This is a BRIGHT headlight
  • Easy to Install

What I Don’t Like

  • Aesthetically speaking, I wish the headlight was slightly more recessed into the fairing
  • Installation requires (minor) drilling into OEM Components

Shark Demon™ 2 Low Rider ST Headlight Kit Review

Custom Dynamics Shark Demon

High Quality As Always from Custom Dynamics

I’ve been using Custom Dynamics products on my bikes for years and am a big fan of their products. From the moment you take the Shark Demon headlight out of the box, you know this is another high quality product from the C-D team. 

The Shark Demon headlight features a gloss black aluminum housing with a durable polycarbonate clear lens. This thing is STURDY, large and in charge, and ready to be hit by a bajillion bugs.

Oh yeah, it’s bright AF.

Boasting a whopping 9080 Raw Lumens when the low beam and high beam are utilized, the Shark Demon headlight is BRIGHT. It’s easily the brightest headlight I’ve ever ran on any motorcycle that is DOT-approved.

The low beam features 3 projection LEDs that push out 3600 Raw Lumens, which do a pretty great job on their own. The high beam’s 4 direct-reflective LEDs really put on a light show, pun intended.  

Low Rider ST OEM Headlight vs ProBEAM vs Shark Demon 

I’ve ran the factory headlight and the Custom Dynamics ProBEAM headight before installing the Shark Demon on my Low Rider ST. I was extremely disappointed in the light output from my factory Low Rider ST headlight. The high beam is underwhelming at best, providing minimal additional light output. Anyone who’s watched my overview video of my Low Rider ST on YouTube knows how much I regret not switching out the factory headlight upon purchasing my bike.

I put nearly 15,000 miles on my ST before installing the Custom Dynamics ProBEAM, which was an instant upgrade. 10,000 miles later, I’ve installed the Shark Demon, and can also see a noticeable difference from the ProBEAM.

Custom Dynamics Shark Demon vs ProBEAM
Low Beam Comparisons: note how washed out the factory headlight is from a mere 10 feet away from the garage, this is not a strong light source.
Custom Dynamics ProBEAM and Shark Demon Headlight Comparison
High Beam Comparisons. Note: The (top) OEM Headlight image is overexposed in this image, but you can still tell that the overall high beam does not provide as much output as the ProBEAM or Shark Demon. It barely adds to the low beam.

The Shark Demon, in comparison to both the ProBEAM and factory headlight, produces a more defined low beam, and a significantly more projected high beam. Whether you choose to go with the ProBEAM over the Shark Demon based on the looks of the headlight rather than the light output, you really cannot go wrong with either. Both are significant upgrades from stock.

Custom Dynamics LED Headlights on Low Rider ST

Custom Dynamics Shark Demon vs Baja Designs LP6

At the time the Shark Demon was announced, this quickly became the spiciest headlight debate in Harley-land. The Baja Designs LP6, which is designed for off-road use, puts out a whopping 11,225 Lumens (just over 2,000 more than the Shark Demon). However, the LP6 isn’t DOT-approved, and costs roughly $300 more once you factor in the wiring harness and brackets needed for motorcycle applications. Personally, I think for the pricing of the Shark Demon, most people out there will be happy with the light output-to-pricing ratio.

Function Vs Fashion: A highly opinionated debate.

Once installed, the Shark Demon does protrude out a bit, which could be an eyesore to the right person. Currently, the Shark Demon for the Low Rider ST doesn’t have a recessed mounting bracket option available. Judging by the way this headlight is constructed, I’m not entirely sure one will ever exist. The Shark Demon’s housing is beefy, and you’d certainly need to cut your fairing and use a different bracket for a more recessed appearance. 

Custom Dynamics ProBEAM Low Rider ST
Custom Dynamics ProBEAM Headlight
Custom Dynamics Shark Demon Headlight
Custom Dynamics Shark Demon Headlight

Recessed or not, the preference in the Shark Demon’s appearance comes down to personal preference. Ultimately, everyone’s opinion on what’s aesthetically pleasing is going to be different. I’m a fan of how bright the Shark Demon headlight is, so I’ll sacrifice a little bit of fashion for more function.

Installing the Shark Demon on a Low Rider ST

The installation process for the Shark Demon Low Rider ST headlight is pretty easy, and takes less than an hour. You’ll need to remove your outer fairing to install the headlight, so plan to have a table or other clean surface handy. 

Additionally, you’ll have to drill a small hole into your outer fairing so that the mounting bracket will fit properly. It’s not a huge deal. Plus, if you decide to switch to another headlight in the future, your fairing will be perfectly fine.

You’ll have to drill a small hole into your fairing (to the bottom left corner of the Custom Dynamics Logo on this mounting bracket) in order for the Shark Demon headlight to be installed.

The Shark Demon Low Rider ST headlight kit is completely plug and play thanks to the included wire harness. The headlight comes with installation instructions in the box, plus you can access them on the Custom Dynamics website.

Once you get the headlight installed, you’ll need to adjust the headlight to the proper angle for it to work properly for you. Keep in mind factors like your weight, in addition to the weight of your luggage or passenger, if you tend to have your bike “loaded down” more often than not. 

The bolt system on the sides of the headlight will allow you to manually adjust the projection of the Shark Demon to your personal preference.

You might want someone available to help you tighten the headlight bolts while you sit on your bike. Again, all instructions are there for you to read as you go.


With the Custon Dymanics Shark Demon Low Rider ST Kit priced at $499.95, it’s competitively positioned against similar, yet more expensive headlights on the market. The popular Baja Designs LP6, which lacks DOT approval and puts out a bit more light, costs nearly twice as much when you include the necessary brackets. The Custom Dynamics ProBEAM kit for the Low Rider ST is priced at $478.95, but for just a few dollars more, the Shark Demon offers significantly better lighting.

I think the average person looking to upgrade from their factory headlight will be pleased with this option. The Shark Demon headlight has a great brightness bang for the buck. With it’s plug-and-play installation, the Shark Demon is a no brainer for most people who don’t enjoy wiring projects or extensive installs.

You can check current prices and product availability at J&P Cycles, Revzilla, Cycle Gear, or Custom

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