All of the Camera Gear I Use to Create Motorcycle Travel Content

All of the Camera Gear I Use to Create Motorcycle Travel Content

Ready to start a YouTube Channel? Or maybe you just want to up your content creation game? Below you’ll find an extensive list of everything I use to create my photo and video content while traveling on my motorcycle.

While all of this gear might not be necessary, or “right” for you to start creating content of your own, you’ll at least be able to take a look into how much gear and what it takes for me to create the content that you enjoy seeing on my social channels.

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A DSLR Camera can greatly improve the content you create while traveling on the road.

DSLR Camera and Accessories for Motorcycle Vlogging and Content Creation

The GoPro Max’s 360 abilities makes the camera extremely versatile for capturing multiple angles of content with only one camera body.

GoPro Action Cameras and Accessories For Motorcycle Vlogging and Content Creation

Action cameras are great to use to create moto vlog or general riding content while operating a motorcycle. There are a few brands on the market that create action cameras such as GoPro, Insta360, and DJI. However, I have remained loyal to GoPro over the years. (If you are a fan of my YouTube channel, you will already know that I do not use a traditional “moto vlog” camera set up to talk and film while riding.)

  • GoPro Max 360 Camera – This is my most used piece of camera equipment. Nearly all of my riding footage is captured on the Max. If you’ve ever asked how I get my camera to “spin” while riding, the answer is…it’s the Max!
  • GoPro 9 – I often use this camera to film any talking points in my videos where I need to be able to see myself in the footage for talking/selfie assistance. The Front facing screen really helps frame yourself while filming!
  • GoPro 8 – If you are looking for your first Vlogging or Action Camera, the GoPro 8 is a great, affordable place to start. I tend to bring this along with me in case I want to throw it on a friends helmet or handlebars. Since I am spoiled with the dual screens of the GoPro9, the 8 is more of a backup action camera for me these days.
  • Handlebar Mount
  • Helmet Chin Mount
  • Suction Cup – I use this when I am on a bike with a windshield or hard bags (Like in my Arkansas Ozarks Video on the Harley-Davidson Street Glide).
  • Extra Batteries & Charging Equipment vary depending on the camera. ALWAYS bring 1-2 extra batteries.
“GoPro, Take a Photo!” Taken with a GoPro 8 on a mini Tripod, using voice command.

Tripods and Selfie Sticks

Blue Ridge Parkway | Best Motorcycle Roads of the Smoky Mountains
Drones are a great way to take your travel content and b-roll skills to the next level.

Additional Equipment & Accessories

Editing Software

From a Desktop: I edit 95% of my content from my iMac, using Adobe Lightroom for photo editing and Premiere Pro for video editing. I do not edit any of my YouTube videos while I travel.

Apps I use on my Phone:

  • Adobe Lightroom: For on-the-go photo edits
  • VSCO: For easy, premade photo and video filters (moreso color grading, not this new age of facial contortion we call “filters” on social media)
  • GoPro Quik: I pull GoPro footage directly from the camera, import short snippets into the Quik App, and then post them to Social Media while I’m traveling. All long form GoPro content is edited on a desktop.
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6 thoughts on “All of the Camera Gear I Use to Create Motorcycle Travel Content

  1. I’m taking a long motorcycle trip in the next couple weeks and had a question about your setup. I also have the A7III, but I’m worried about the vibrations damaging the camera. Do you carry it on your body? Have you ever had any issues? Love the site and info!

    1. Hey Nate!!! I usually carry it in a camera bag, or bundled up in a bunch of shirts and hoodies in my saddlebags. I haven’t ever had any issues. Prior to my a7iii I shot with a Canon 6d, and I bet that camera had over 75,000 miles on motorcycles over the years. It never broke or had any problems!

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