Blueberry Pancakes Camping Recipe

Blueberry Pancakes Camping Recipe

Blueberries, pancakes, and syrup – how much easier could a blueberry pancake camping recipe get?!  After a night of motorcycle camping, they can really make for the perfect breakfast. 

I love easy-to-make meals at camp that aren’t dehydrated bags of food. I make these blueberry pancakes at home all the time. So I figured…why not try and make them camping?! Turns out, it was super simple and took very little time and effort to make. Plus, it was easy to pack on my motorcycle.

Enjoying Breakfast at Camp

This blueberry pancakes camping recipe is a great one to try if you’re new to camp cooking since you can use this exact same recipe at home to make a pancake breakfast! The only true difference? Your stove and skillet are probably a little bit bigger at home.

What You’ll Need: 

Camp Kitchen Gear:

Camp Cooking System: I’m a big fan of Jetboil’s cooking systems. I use this one on almost all of my motorcycle camping trips. It comes with a pot support that allows you to use additional cookware with the stove. The bottom cup doubles as a measuring cup (or mixing bowl, which is how I used it for this recipe). Lastly, The stove has a built-in regulator, which allows you to cook at different heat levels. Pssst… Don’t forget your fuel!

Nonstick Skillet: A quality, nonstick camp skillet will nix the need to use oil or cooking spray on your pan. I use an 8” Skillet that packs down small with the rest of my camping gear.

Spatula: I use a small, foldable MSR spatula. It’s compact and stores well for all of my camping adventures.

Mixing Bowl: I use the measuring cup and/or bottom cover that comes on the bottom of my Jetboil MicroMo, but you could use something like the X-Cup or X-Bowl from Sea to Summit for a compact solution.


  • Plate: I used an X-Bowl from Sea to Summit, but an X-Plate would work great as well.
  • Utensils: Fork and Knife

For Cleanup:

  • Soap: I personally love the Wilderness Wash from Sea to Summit
  • Water
  • Cleaning Cloth
Blueberry Pancakes Camping Recipe


Pancake Mix: For the sake of simplicity, I use a pre-made pancake mix that only requires a small amount of water to be added. It minimizes the number of ingredients and makes it super simple to prep while motorcycle camping!

If you prep your pancake mix at home, you can add protein powder, cinnamon, or anything else you’d like. Just jot down a reminder in your phone or your reusable bag with how much water you’ll need.

Water: Most pancake mixes will require less than a cup of water for a single serving.

Blueberries: You can bring them with you, or pick them up at a grocery store on the way to camp. In most weather conditions, blueberries will be fine stored without refrigeration for a couple of days.

Syrup: I store mine in a small reusable squeeze bottle.

Other Fruit or Garnish (if Desired): I chose to add slices of banana and extra blueberries to the tops of my pancakes. Do what you want with your snacks, though!

Blueberry Pancakes
Using a quality, nonstick camping skillet like this Alpha Pan from Sea to Summit will allow you to flip your pancakes with ease. No oil or butter is required!

How to Make Blueberry Pancakes Camping:

  1. Prep your pancake mix: in your mixing bowl, add water to the pancake mix and stir until there are no clumps.
  2. Prep your camp stove: Light that baby up and keep the heat to a medium or medium-low setting. You don’t want to cook your pancake mix too quickly.
  3. Make your Pancakes: pour your pancake mix into your pan. The size of each pancake is up to you. Once poured, add blueberries to the top of the batter and let cook until they’re ready to flip. Using your spatula, flip the pancakes and allow to cook thoroughly.
  4. Add Syrup, toppings of choice, and enjoy! Once all of your pancakes are cooked, add any toppings and syrup. Enjoy, y’all!

Tips for Cleaning Up:

It always helps to keep your cooking area as clean as possible while cooking. Luckily, this blueberry pancakes camping recipe isn’t too messy, so cleanup should be a breeze.

Always do your best to follow Leave No Trace Principles when camp cooking. Nobody wants wild animals to visit their campsite and become pests. Dispose of your waste properly, use biodegradable soap (also dispose of your wastewater properly), and check in to local rules and regulations as to 

Happy camping and bon appétit!

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