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Ride to Food is is more than just the obvious of motorcycles and food. Staci spent years building a highly engaged community through her personal social channels, and now has branched out to appeal to an even broader audience of like-minded adventurers. 

Our followers and readers are travel enthusiasts and visit our platforms to be inspired, discover new places, and to stay up to date on the latest gear from outdoor, tech, and automotive industries alike.

Staci travels across the United States (and beyond!) to share these experiences, tips, and products with her following through thrilling video footage on and off the bike, stunning photography, and personal voice that gives RTF that community vibe of “keeping it real.” Combine all of these things, and you have a recipe that will yield a positive Return on Investment with your desired campaign creation. 

Advertising opportunities include but are not limited to:

Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Annual Partnership Agreements

Website Advertising

  • Blogs & Campaign Creation
  • Banner & Side Panel Advertising

Additional Social Media Endorsements

  • Giveaways
  • Video Product Placement
  • Social Takeovers
  • …This list could get long, let’s connect and talk about your vision and make it happen!
Staci Wilt Sedona Arizona

Work with Ride to Food

Staci Wilt has worked with a number of reputable brands within the motorcycle and outdoor industries and beyond, including names such as GoPro and Harley-Davidson®. Creating a partnership with Ride to Food is a powerful and reliable way to reach a new audience with your products. Additionally, Staci has grown to have a respected reputation through her knowledge on products she personally uses and recommends. Both men and women listen to her knowledge and advice on riding and adventure gear. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we send you product in exchange for promotion?

Ride to Food is a business ran by Staci, and Staci alone. Through a partnership, we (Staci Wilt & Ride to Food) are providing you a skilled service, my time, and access to our audience, which Staci has taken years of hard work to build. It has taken years to gain a respected name within the male-dominated motorcycle industry as a female. With that being said, free product is not an acceptable form of payment for us to advertise your product. For rates, see the next question.

How much do you charge?

Marketing Campaign rates vary depending on the type and amount of content you are looking for. To discuss your specific interests and goals, please request a media kit by clicking the button below. Please leave a few details about your project such as ideas, campaign brief, and/or budget, and I will follow up as soon as possible.

Do you sell links or allow guest posts from brands (such as Press Releases for new products)?

No. Again, Staci has worked hard to gain the respect that she has within this male-dominated industry, and to provide personable and knowledgeable information on gear, places, etc. Staci will only write about products that she transparently stands behind. 

Want to Collaborate? Rad!

All sponsorships and collaborations are on a first come, first serve basis. I’d love to make some marketing magic happen. Please use the contact form below to get in touch.

A few helpful details to include in your message:

  • Your Name & E-Mail
  • Company Name
  • A specific product, place, or activity you are looking to promote
  • Type of content you are most interested in (video, blog, social, or all of the above)
  • Desired time of campaign activation (example: Spring 2022)
  • Budget levels