I’m guessing you got to this site because, like me, you’re looking for a new adventure or place to eat… a little bit of “inspo”….or all of the above!

Loser Machine Staci Wilt
Photo Courtesy of Loser Machine & Lauren Beitel

My name is Staci Wilt. I’m the woman behind the computer screen that’s created this website and everything that Ride to Food entails. I’ve been riding motorcycles since 2011 and have ridden over 150,000 miles across the United States and Mexico. Whether I’m on two feet or two wheels, I love exploring new places and trying new things, just like you. 

A few fun facts:

  • I am from Texas, born and raised, and proud of it!
  • Hugeeee Harry Potter fan. Even have a tattoo to prove it.
  • My first motorcycle was a 1200cc Harley-Davidson® Sportster.
  • Millennial Alert! I was born in 1991.
  • Favorite bands/Artists currently include: Rancid, A Day to Remember, Waylon Jennings, Hank III, Post Malone, Florida Georgia Line…yeah, I’m all over the genre charts.
  • Not a fan of Blue Cheese, or Cilantro…some food critic I am, right?

I created this site so that I could show you the things I’ve learned over time, the places you need to experience for yourself, and maybe even inspire you to go against the grain in whatever fashion that entails. Read more about my journey here.

I created this platform because it’s something I wanted to have, and I knew others would find use for it too. I hate the generic media sites, with pseudo product reviews consisting of copy-and-pasted verbiage off of a manufacturer’s site. I hate dishonesty, and I hate watching people scam others. I wanted to create something real and build a community out of it.

I wanted to break stereotypes of women and those who are a little different, and to show that we are all capable of doing things just as good as the next guy or gal, just in our own way.

Let’s get Social, Y’all!

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See Y’all on the road! – Staci